This January, six young artists will meet with six teenage musicians.

For three days, we'll rehearse, record, perform, eat, talk, think, and play, together. Two bands, one young and one younger.

The teachers will share stories, offer perspective, guide energy, ask questions.
We'll explore musical sounds, moods, colors, and spaces with the students,
give them a playground where they can discover their own ways and means.

We'll work alongside one another in the manner that artists have for decades or centuries, in a mode of education that appeared long before lectures and formal schooling. In a game with no manual, how else could they learn?

The only aim is that when the dust has settled, the young ones leave inspired.

To have ideas.
To pay attention to feelings.
To stay curious.

To practice.
To obsess.
To get back up when they fall.

To invite connection and collaboration.
To be generous.
To be patient.

To love beauty.
To care.
To do things that matter.

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